The Youth Science Journal is open for submission!

Any High School student or undergraduate is highly encouraged to submit their work onto the journal. We accept submissions on any STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) topic that has not been published before. The publishing and editing process is all FREE of charge and will not cost you a penny.

Be aware that to make sure all the released articles on the journal is professional, the articles are subjected to editing stages where the editors will proofread your article to help build up your article to the highest quality possible.

Why write an article?

Delve deeper into your own STEM field of interest

Gain experience in academic writing

Learn the basics of scientific research

Share awareness about your topic

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1) Make sure the writing style of your submission is up-to-par and proofread it multiple times.
2) You are responsible for responding swiftly to comments and edits done by the supervising editors.
3) The article should be formatted in the YSJ format and follow our guidelines accordingly. Any failure to do so could result in your article being rejected for publication.
4) The Youth Science Journal does not accept plagiarism in any form and takes it very seriously. If any plagiarism is detected in your submission, strict action shall be taken.

This is the format for the Youth Science Journal’s articles. Make sure that you follow the format in writing your article and that it covers every point in the format. Any strong deviations from our format will lead that your article is immediately rejected from publication and will have to be reformatted into our format. Any questions about the format, feel free to contact us at

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