An initiative by STEM October’s class of 2022, Youth Science Journal is the first Egyptian scientific journal published by high school students, for high school students. Our journal presents issues on a monthly basis, each featuring a number of articles in any of a wide range of scientific fields, from neuroscience to mathematics. No matter who are they or what they’re interested in, any high school student can submit a manuscript to be featured in one of our issues, provided it’s approved by our editors. Furthermore, they could become a writer for the journal if via an invitation if their submitted manuscript is deemed exceptional or otherwise through a regular application/interview process.

Our Mission

We aspire to promote young researchers and writers by walking them through the standard procedures of publishing a scientific article; that is, delivering a manuscript, editing & peer-review, and finally acceptance or rejection. Through our monthly-issues, we hope to bring the hard work of those writers to light while also providing a constant stream of quality, entertaining, and highly scrutinized content for readers hungry for science. These articles, however, are but an initial spark that encourages readers to go beyond and delve more deeply into their topics of interest on their own, advertising independent research and self-learning.

our staff

team member

Moemen Wael is a rising junior at STEM October who is addicted to engineering and has been accepted by Yale Young Global Scholars to attend a summer program for outstanding high school students in 2021. He has been highly involved in extracurricular activities at TEDxYouth@MaddiSTEM, STEM Model United Nations, STEM Model Arab league.

Moemen Wael
team member

Gasser Mamdouh is a rising junior at STEM October, who is highly interested in neuroscience. Seeing biological processes and astronomical phenomena has always piqued his interest to learn more about the fundamental rules that govern what we see. To fulfil that interest, he is highly immersed in various extracurriculars like biology magazine, STEM astronomy club, physics magazine, Simply Neuroscience, etc. However, he thought that learning more about the different scientific concepts was not enough, but rather wanted to share out this information to his friends and , at the same time, encourage his friends to learn more and expand their knowledge. Hence, the idea came for the youth science journal.

Gasser Mamdouh
team member

Seif Taher is a rising junior from STEM October and a programming/math junkie: He builds websites, video games and applications, besides participating in competitive programming and math contests. He loves writing about these subjects and developed his writing skills through practice and competitions, which made him one of Gasser's top supporters during the early days of the journal. Apart from that, He likes to play a variety of games in his free time, mainly first person shooters.

Seif Taher